My name is Jeroen Verstegen.
I am a professional guide in Amsterdam and North-Holland.

I was born in Amsterdam in 1956 and, although I have lived in many other cities and countries, Amsterdam has always been my home.
The unique history and atmosphere are inseparably connected to each other and I am always on the lookout for new facts and stories about the city.
Learning about Amsterdam also triggered the curiosity about other parts of this so called Low Holland area. The fascinating way this small country created the worlds biggest marine and trade fleet in the 17th century is one of the things that makes this area so special.
Although I do feel some pride about this fact, I am also very much aware that there have been – and still are – many situations where the ‘human factor’ was less important as financial gain. And I do think that this side of the coin also has to be told.

Before being a guide I was a bar owner in the Amsterdam district “de Jordaan”.
I loved that work, making people feel happy and relaxed has always been something that comes natural to me. But after 15 years it was time for a new episode.
Before running the bar, I was a computer programmer, a teacher, an actor and a tourist guide in France. With the experience and the knowledge I acquired over the years, the step to becoming a tourist guide in my home town was not a big one.

I have been given tours for different sort of groups, in four different languages, at different sorts of locations in and around Amsterdam since more than two years now. And the reviews, to my great pleasure, have always been very good.

I speak English as good as fluently, which is not exceptional in the Netherlands.
Because I lived in the south of France for two years, my French is also pretty good.
And, not too difficult for a Dutchman, I speak German reasonably well too although the grammar is a bit ‘rusty’.

I am married and have two grown-up sons.
I still live in the heart of the city, in Amsterdam, I couldn’t live anywhere else.

I hope to get to know you too very soon and to share some of my stories with you.

You can book all my tours through the Tours By Locals website

Amsterdam July, 2019
Jeroen Verstegen