Here is a selection of walking tours I have prepared for you.

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I have prepared a couple of very nice walks in the centre of Amsterdam, which will give you a good overall idea about the history of the city, besides seeing some extraordinary buildings, squares and other places.

For all walking tours there is a maximum of 8 people.

Along the wall

We walk through the streets and squares where in the 15th century there still was the medieval wall. We will pass some buildings that were in those days the gates to the city and you will be amazed how small the city was at the time.

Inside ‘De Jordaan’

The Jordaan is a famous neighborhood in Amsterdam. Partly because of the unique character of its streets and not so high buildings which gives it a very cosy atmosphere.

Also because of the fact that a lot of famous Dutch singers were born in the Jordaan. Some of them have even statues on the Johnny Jordaanplein, next to the houseboat museum.

But appearances can be deceiving. The history of the Jordaan is also one of social struggle and uprising.

In the 17th century quite a few rich successful businessmen bought property in the neighbourhood for the widows and orphans of workers and seamen. These so called courtyards were besides private poor care, also there to ensure a place in heaven for the founder.

Inside the city

Of course Amsterdam is known for a lot of things. One of them is the famous Red Light District. But this kind of “business” is not the main attraction of the small medieval streets and squares. A visit to the Noorderkerk (Northern Church) or a former hidden church “Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder”, now a museum, gives the visitor a very good idea of the way people used to live in the 17th century. We will also visit the Rembrandt House were the famous artist used to live in his glory days.

Anne Frank Walking tour

Anne Frank came to Amsterdam in 1934 and lived in the then fairly new neighborhood the ‘Rivierenbuurt’ (river neigborhood). She was very happy in the days before the 2nd World War.
During this walk we will pass some of the places she knew very well, like her school and famous ice-cream parlor. And I will tell you about the heroic people that tried to save the Frank family and others.
And I will also tell you about other terrible events in this period in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. There is still quite a bit of shame about what happened in my city at the time.
I do think these stories have to be told again and again so that we might learn from it and see to it that it will never happen again.

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  • Jessica| 18 januari 2020

    The Inside the City tour was very informative, the pace was just right, Jeroen was charming and fun. We definitely recommend your tours to other people.

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