Amsterdam Walking tours

Get to know the city and its history

Jota Tours & Services provides walks and visits to special places in and around Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Get to know the area and its famous history with a local guide. Tours can be given in English, German, French and Dutch.

The focus is mainly on the historical context. 

The fascinating way this small country created the worlds biggest marine and trade fleet in the 17th century is one of the things that makes this area so special.

Although we do feel some pride about this fact, we are also very much aware that there have been – and still are – many situations where the human factor was less important than financial gain. And we do think that this side of the coin also has to be told.

If you cannot find a tour that suits your needs, please feel free to reach out and we are sure that we can customise a tour for you that you will make you remember our beautiful city.